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  • Ingredients

    1 cup Desiccate coconut

    1 cup Khoa/Mava

    Sproos’ Walnut Date

    1 tbsp Ghee

    Dates/Date powder

    A pinch of Cardamom

    A pinch of Nutmeg

    Milk, according to consistency

  • Instructions

    Preparation time: 10 minutes

    Cooking time:  15-20 minutes

    Serves: Makes 15-16 small size Laddus


    - Heat ghee in a pan and add a cup of desiccated coconut, cook until it turns a little brown, you should get a toasty flavour in approximately 5-7 minutes.
    - To this add an equal amount of Khoa/Mava, a pinch of cardamom, nutmeg and date powder according to your liking of sweetness. Cook this for 3-4 minutes and add milk if required, the consistency should be such that it easily binds together.
    - Once the whole mixture has come together, add 2 big spoons of Sproos’ Walnut Date and mix well.
    - Transfer this mixture to a plate greased with a little ghee or oil and allow the mixture to cool.
    - Take a little oil on your hands and roll these into laddus and roll these into desiccated coconut.